A Golden Heart, A Heroine.

In July 2015, an issue of a couple at Kingeero village, Kabete Constituency was raised. The husband had deformities and the wife had lived with massive fibroids for 23 years. From their humble setting they couldn't afford medical intervention.

Facebook friends and leaders responded to help. 

Among the facebook friends who extended a hand of help was a lady by the name WANJA MWAURA. A nurse by profession, she was very instrumental in ensuring the sickly LUCY was able to get to hospital, go through surgery and received necessary care post surgery until full recovery.

Ms. Wanja Mwaura was the link person whenever progress was needed on LUCY & CHARLES. 

Last week WANJA MWAURA was at it again and couldn't help but feel proud of her. She has an amazing heart.

She has been looking for her old friend for some time. Her search ended in the streets when she came across Mr. Hinga in bad shape. Shocked and in pain Wanja took her friend to a hotel, ensured his stomach was full and started engaging him on how to get off streetlife.

Wanja has taken Hinga to a rehab center and his turnaround is quite amazing, in just three months.

While some of us may see our street families as problems in the society, this one lady saw an opportunity to change one person's life.

This is what humanity entails.