Ms Gikandi | Providing Affordable Accounting Services To Kenyan SMEs

Every accomplished business owner out there, will stress the importance of proper accounting services in a business. Unfortunately, many startups come to learn the importance a bit too late.

For example:

  • When you are courting an interested investor and you are telling them about the large amounts of money that you make, or stand to make and they request to see your books.
  • When you approach a loan facility and they want to see your books, as proof of ability to make payments.
  • When you decide to take stock of your investment in the business and the resulting outputs to determine profitability, viability or whether to pivot the business.

Most business people, who previously have not kept proper accounting records for their businesses, will tell you that they look at their bank statements over the years and wonder if they really made the money in those statements, as they wonder where it all went.

Having experienced this, first-hand, with a few of her friends  and businesses, Ms Maina Gikandi decided to take the road less travelled. She decided to start offering accounting services, tuned to the needs of startups and SMEs. The kind of people, who do not require to have a full time accounting professional, sitting in an office 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

The business started small, with a few of her friends who were already in dire need of the services and the business has been growing steadily ever since.

"The journey has not been easy. Despite acknowledging the need for a professional accountant, it is still hard selling the product to many SMEs, since most see this as a role that they can hire for, once they grow (a bit) larger. What they fail to understand, is that by that time their financial records will probably be almost untraceable and it might negatively impact, or stunt their growth" - Ms Maina Gikandi said

The basic unbundled packages that Ms Gikandi offers SMEs and individuals are listed below:

PAYE                                     Ksh 1,500 /- pm 1-10 employees

NSSF                                     Ksh 1,500 /- pm 1-10 employees

NHIF                                      Ksh 1,500 /- pm 1-10 employees

VAT & Tax advisory                Ksh 1,500 /- pm 1-10 employees

Payroll                                    Ksh 1,500 /- pm 1-10 employees

monthly bookkeeping             Ksh 5,000 /- pm 1-10 employees

Audit                                       Ksh 50,000 /- pa

HR System (payroll, leave, time attendance/clocking)    Ksh 10,000 /- pm 1-10 employees

For organizations larger than 10 employees contact her directly for a quotation.

She reiterated, the need for a professional accountant, in every business entity regardless of the size.

You can reach Ms Gikandi by filling this form for a quotation: